External Advisory Board

The ImmuHubs External Advisory Board consists of representatives of ECDC the Immunization Action Coalition and the International Paediatric Association serving as the External Evaluation Committee.

Stakeholder Forum

During the planning, design, and implementation of the ImmuHubs, we included stakeholder representatives to provide us with critical perspectives and new insights on the complex determinants of immunisation. The ImmuHubs Stakeholder Forum (SF) will support actions and amplify best practices for vaccination uptake and health literacy in the EU and the WHO European Region. Stakeholders will be kept current on the impact of innovation actions at all times. The transdisciplinary SF represents policy and public health institutions (WHO, WHO-Euro, OSCE, IOM, UNICEF), national governments (German and Italian MOH; INSERM), industry (Vaccines Europe), regulatory (EMA, MHRA), citizen groups and patient organisations (FFF, MMM, EESC), humanitarian and advocacy organisations (Sabin Institute, Hellenic Red Cross), media organisations (Vaccines Today), health professional and scientific organisations (ESPID, ESGIE, ESWI) will ensure that COVID-19 aspects are addressed.

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