Work Package 6

Systematic Check-ups of Vaccination Status

WP Leader:   ViVI 
Duration: Months: 1-36
WP Partners:  ViVI    PRAKSIS 

Develop sustainable solutionsfor vaccine protection in disadvantaged, isolated, and difficult to reach population groups.

  • Ensure regular check-ups of vaccination status
  • Integrate medical history and regular check-ups
  • Track disease severity in patients with influenza and COVID-19


Integrating and Piloting the ViVI ScoreApp with OmaOlo [mo 1-8; ViVI, THL] Task 6.1 will be piloting a patient/parent facing version of the ViVI ScoreApp to be combined with OmaOlo (, the Finnish public health App for self-monitoring and contact tracing for COVID-19. The ViVI ScoreApp allows ILI patients and their families to (self-) score their level of disease severity in case of influenza and COVID-19. The tool will be used in WP 3 (THL) Task 6.3 will be assessing the impact of disease severity on the willingness to be vaccinated against influenza [and COVID-19, if applicable in the future. The app will be accessible via in English, Swedish, and Finnish