Work Package 5

Increasing Health Literacy: Life Course and Risk Groups

WP Leader:  EAP 
Duration: Months: 1-36
WP Partners:  EAP    ViVI     PRAKSIS     AIDFM    UBE 
Objectives Establish proactive partnerships with citizen groups, to improve access to vaccination
  • Provide a family and life-course approach to vaccination
  • Improve vaccine access/uptake for people with health risks
The Symptom Survey started with a collaboration between ViVI and patient/parent representative organisations including Families Fighting Flu (FFF; members of the EAB), Make Mothers Matter (MMM). In this task, the European Parents’ Association (EPA) will broaden the reach of the survey to the entire WHO European Region allowing detailed analyses of population groups. The Survey ( will evaluate the subjective impact of COVID-19/flu signs and symptoms from a patient/ parent’s perspective. It will place these in context with the participants’ willingness to be vaccinated. This dovetails nicely with the public health study conducted in Finland allowing to compare the results obtained there with other EU Member States and neighbouring countries. The results will also help the interpretation of symptoms measured by the ViVI ScoreApp to lend a voice to parents/patients and their perspective on health priorities.