Work Package 3

Evaluation and Covid-19 Aspects

WP Leader:  THL 
Duration: Months: 1-36
WP Partners:  THL    ViVI    PRAKSIS    URZ
Objectives Establish proactive partnerships with public health agencies to improve access to vaccination
  • Evaluate the benefit of ImmuHub actions for public health
  • Assess the impact of ImmuHub actions on vaccination uptake
  • Integrate COVID-19 relevant technologies into public health strategy
THL as the public health agency in the ImmuHubs team, will be in charge of internal evaluation of the ImmuHubs processes. In accordance with the Evaluation Plan, THL will provide critical input into the ImmuHubs design and execution as well as critical evaluation throughout. THL is in a unique position to assess the utility of the ImmuHubs outputs for EU member states and the EU Public Health Programme overall. THL as leading leader of the Vaccine Hesitancy WP (WP8) in the EU Joint Action on Vaccination (EU-JAV) will also be able to ensure that the ImmuHubs are complementary to EU Actions on disease prevention and immunisation, as outlined in the EU-JAV and the EU Roadmap on Vaccination. THL will also evaluate that ImmuHub actions are taking the ‘new normal’ during the COVID-19 pandemic into account, in particular with the prospect of a COVID-19 vaccine and the combined disease/public health impact of COVID-19 and influenza. External Evaluation: Throughout the Evaluation WP, THL will work closely with ViVI as Coordinator as well as with HaDEA and the members of the External Advisory Board (EAB) including representatives of ECDC, EMA, ESPID and ESCMID as well as Families Fighting Flu as a disease specific advocacy group.