Work Package 2

Dissemination of Project Outputs

WP Leader:  ViVI
Duration: Months: 1-36
WP Partners:  ViVI   EAP   EPA   THL   PRAKSIS   AIDFM   EUC   URZ   UBE
Objectives Establish proactive partnerships with key stakeholders and the general public to improve access to vaccination
  • Inform the general public about ImmuHub activities and successes
  • Disseminate project outputs among key stakeholders
  • Create sustainable impact through knowledge transfer activities
The objective of this horizontal work package is to create, evaluate and disseminate the knowledge generated in this project, and to enable the means and channels for communication, among the project partners as well as with the stakeholders. This dissemination & communication work package will be ‘harvesting’ and broadcasting the ImmuHubs in WP 4-5 (‘Closing Gaps’ and ‘Increasing Health Literacy’). National government stakeholders (THL), Citizen Groups (PRAKSIS), Health Professional Organisations (EAP; ViVI) and Patient Organisations (EPA) will raise awareness of the ImmuHubs. This WP (WP2) will also drive the overall impact of the global user survey and focus groups in WP5 and the systematic check-ups developed in  WP6 .