Empowering families to Keep Vaccinations up to date


The VaccApp Chatbot is designed to empower parents and caretakers to becoming active partners with regards to vaccine protection. Its user-friendly design invites lay people to take a closer look at their own vaccination record and the records of their children and family members. This allows individuals to gain clarity about their personal level of health protection and to keep track of immunization visits. If clarification is needed, the app will keep a list of questions, readily available via smartphone during upcoming doctor’s visits.

The VaccApp was created through a Design Thinking partnership between ViVI and the School of Design Thinking in Potsdam, Germany, the first school for innovation in Europe.

Web application

A user-centered application VaccApp inviting users to take a closer look at their vaccination status and to ‘explain’ it through friendly avatars deepening the doctor-patient relationship.

It can be used at home or in the waiting room prior to a doctor’s visit, empowering users to become active in getting protected against vaccine preventable diseases. 

A ‘traffic light system’ allows users to mark aspects in their vaccination history that may be unclear to them, and to seek clarification when they visit a medical professional.

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