People on the move can safely report their and their child’s health needs

Helping people ‘on the move’ to keep track of their overall health status. Users report health needs securely and anonymously. Originally developed for natural disaster situations, the HealthSurvey has also been used by refugees, as featured in the Institute of Migration – Health Research Portal.

The HealthSurvey helps stakeholders to allocate resources in real-time, to conduct rapid crisis assessments. Using federated learning methodologies, the app preserves data privacy. Components of the Health Survey can be used to support cross-border populations.

It is difficult to objectively assess a child’s experience during a crisis.

Especially while working in international contexts with multinational teams, it is vital to collect the voice of the child and their family without filtering it through the lens of the healthcare professional or aid worker.

The child needs to be heard, and resources may need to be allocated in a timely manner. This is why we sought to create an objective health survey tool for children and families escaping natural disasters or armed conflict.

​The survey instrument contains a series of validated questions and 1 free text item. It covers:

  • Basic symptoms and medical complaints
  • Environmental exposures
  • Untoward experiences during evacuation and displacement
  • Access to education
  • Access to healthcare including chronic medication
  • Immunizations and well-child visits
  • Validated psychological questionnaire provided by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network
  • In an open-ended question, respondents are then asked about their most important concerns relating to their current life.

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