We are recording a series of podcasts to provide insight and information about the ImmuHubs project to the general public, but also to healthcare professionals and specific target groups (disadvantaged, isolated, and difficult to reach population groups). The goal of these podcasts is to empower the public and promote community engagement concerning immunisation and its different aspects within the above-mentioned population groups.

In the first ImmuHubs podcast, Dr. Barbara Rath, the Coordinator of the ImmuHubs project, co-founder, and chair of the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative, explains what the ImmuHubs project is all about. Vana Papaevangelou, who is, on behalf of the European Academy of Paediatrics and in cooperation with PRAKSIS, leading Work Package 4 – “Closing gaps in immunisation coverage”, will deep dive into the core purpose of the ImmuHubs and the importance of establishing proactive partnerships with both difficult to reach population groups in the European Region on the one side, and public health agencies, key stakeholders, and the general public on the other side, all to improve target populations’ access to vaccination.”

Listen here