VaccineSafety Initiative e.V.

Country: Germany

Organisation profile

The VaccineSafety Initiative e.V. (VIVI) is an international scientific think tank and non-profit organization, founded in 2008 in Vienna, Austria as an association of healthcare professionals and scientists focused on the prevention of infectious diseases. The VIVI Scientific Think Tank represents subject matter experts from diverse geographic backgrounds, including clinical trials, linguistics, infectious diseases, risk analysis, vaccines research & development, bioinformatics and computer sciences, paediatrics and family

medicine, medical anthropology, global health, quality improvement, preventive medicine, and regulatory science. The Scientific Think Tank is supported by a select group of promising young researchers many of whom have completed their dissertation projects with us. In 2011, VIVI was registered as a non-profit research organization headquartered in Berlin, Germany. In 2017, VIVI was shortlisted for the EU Health Award. VIVI is involved in several European projects and consortia focused on vaccine preventable
diseases and immunization.

The mission of VIVI is

  • To promote science-informed infectious diseases and vaccine safety research and
  • To stimulate thinking around key concepts and drive innovation in a globalized healthcare
  • To facilitate the implementation of high standards in vaccine safety and efficacy;
  • To provide a platform for international and interdisciplinary scientific collaboration in
    infectious diseases and vaccines. VIVI strives for innovation and excellence in infectious diseases and vaccines research including communication, digital health, precision medicine, quality improvement, and the management of interdisciplinary teams. VIVI combines the innovation technique of Design Thinking with the scientific scrutiny of biomedical research. Over the past several years, VIVI developed several user-centred mobile
    applications and decision support systems which have been tested, scientifically validated, and are ready for
    use facilitating seamless international collaboration. With everything the VaccineSafety Initiative
    does, the patient voice is at the centre of attention.