University of Rzeszow

Country: Poland

Organisation profile

Rzeszow University actively conducts scientific and research activities, including scientific research and development works in the field of medical sciences and health sciences. The highly qualified scientific staff form an interdisciplinary team representing various fields of science, such as medicine, human biology, health sciences and emergency medicine. URZ has trained medical staff and promoted scientific activities for many years. URZ is part of the public sector in Poland and has the ability to provide reliable financial capacity for consortium projects. URZ has experience and SOPs in place for the planning, monitoring and spending of public funds, including EU grants, allowing the efficient implementation of the project. URZ also has the human resources for project management., including a specialized organizational unit responsible for accounting.

Operational Capacity

Rzeszow University has the necessary base and high-class research equipment needed to implement the project. The Centre for Innovative Research in Medical and Natural Sciences (CIRMNS) is a part of Rzeszow University. The CIRMNS provides capacity building and know-how in scientific research and novel technologies in the field of natural and medical research.