Programs of Development Social Support and Medical Cooperation

Country: Greece

PRAKSIS - Programs of Development. SocialSupport and Medical Cooperation

PRAKSIS is a Greek independent, not-for-profit Civil Society Association, aiming to provide humanitarian support for a wide range of socially vulnerable groups in need, through a number of programmes.

Main focus

PRAKSIS is a humanitarian, independent, not for profit, non – governmental Association. We plan and implement projects of humanitarian and medical nature as well as informative campaigns on public health issues (STDs, Hep, HIV/AIDS), throughout the Greek territory. Our main goal is the eradication of social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and the defense of their rights.

Prevention – Support – Advocacy

The three dimensions of our work consist of prevention, intervention/support, research/ lobbying and advocacy.


PRAKSIS provides services and support regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, origin, ethnicity, political or religious beliefs. Our beneficiaries are Greek poor, homeless, uninsured, economic migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, unaccompanied minors, trafficking victims, GBV survivors, sex workers, drug users, Roma, people living with HIV, Hepatitis B and C patients, MSM, prisoners, people released from prisons, Greek families inflicted by the financial crisis, and any person facing social or/and financial exclusion, deprived of basic goods.


PRAKSIS actively collaborates with many networks on national and European level, on advocacy, exchange of best practices, information dissemination, lobbying, public information and awareness on various issues.

Main Premises and Activities

PRAKSIS Interventions comprise a Community Centre, a Polyclinic, Day Centres for the Homeless, refugee housing apartments, Interventions regarding child protection, Mobile Units for Information, Counselling and Testing for HIV and Hepatitis B and C backed by a hotline, street work focused on specific groups (unaccompanied minors, homeless, trafficking victims, and injection drug users). Our services are: primary health care support, accommodation, psychosocial support, job and legal consultancy, cultural mediation, basic hygiene services, provision of NFIs.

Multi-level and holistic approach

PRAKSIS has also a long-term experience in provision of multi-level, holistic support through multidisciplinary teams, to a wide range of vulnerable populations and/or at risk of marginalization.

Outreach work

Moreover, has long-term experience in operation of outreach activities, through teams providing support as also through Mobile Units. In addition, in many EU funded projects PRAKSIS implemented awareness raising activities for multiple target groups and on several topics, including healthcare ones.

On line presence



Facebook: ngopraksis

Youtube: praksisngo

Twitter: praksisgr

Instagram: praksisngo

Operational Capacity

  • A medical coordination team consisting of three experts, two doctors and one nurse that have a tremendous experience in dealing with vulnerable groups as they have been engaged in projects related to HIV awareness and prevention, medical issues concerning drug injection users, STD’s and prevention medical cases.
  • Teams specialised in working with vulnerable groups. consisting of five experts that interact with a specific group or focus; four social workers and one addictions counsellor, with substantial experience in supporting vulnerable groups and outreach.
  • The managerial implementation team consists of three professionals with long-standing experience in managing transnational projects and one communications expert that will organize and supervise publicity and dissemination of the project results.