The European Academy of Paediatrics

Country: Belgium

Organisation profile

The European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP / formerly Council of European Specialists in Paediatrics, CESP) was founded in 1961. Its members include national paediatric societies from over 41 countries across Europe (28 European Union (EU) countries, 4 European Economic Area (EEA) countries and 9 non-EU countries) as well as all 14 UEMS recognised European paediatric subspecialty societies and observer Countries.

EAP also is the official Section of the European Union of Medical Specialists that is formally linked with the European Commission and Member States Institutions and is responsible for developing European training standards in paediatrics and paediatric subspecialities. The European Academy of Paediatrics coordinates the ONLY European Research Network in paediatric primary care since 2008. With over 2000 members and several papers published the EAPRASnet (European Academy of Paediatrics Research in Ambulatory Settings network) is a practice-based research network that was established in 2009. It consists of paediatric practitioners in European and Mediterranean countries and research consultants from Europe in collaboration with the EAP and AAP PROS [HJD1].

The EAP Vaccination Working Group (VWG) consists of representatives from all European regions, who are involved in their national immunization programs, with the intention to build an effective and interactive network. The major goal of the EAP VWG is to support activities leading to better harmonization of vaccination programs within the European region and to optimal coverage with recommended vaccines.

Operational Capacity

EAP has three Permanent Councils (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Care), 6 Strategic Advisory Groups:

  • Ethics established in 1997 with over 30 papers published on ethicalissues,
  • Rare diseases – already involved in the EU Commission Expert Group on Rare Disease,
  • Vaccination – strongly supporting harmonization among national immunization programmes in Europe as well as optimization of vaccination coverage in collaboration with ECDC, EU Commission, DG Santé and other stakeholders
  • Adolescent medicine and Medicines for children producing evidence-based documents and up to date information on relevant aspects of paediatrics,
  • Medicines for Children, established several years ago by Jose’ Ramet, restarted in 2018
  • Choosing Wisely has been established in December 2018.