The ImmuHubs Governance Structure will create an environment that fosters fruitful interactions among team members with a minimum amount of disruption, overlap or conflict. The ImmuHubs governance structure contains three key components that focus on the following roles: providing leadership and lasting partnerships with citizen groups, public health agencies, key stakeholders and the general public. ImmuHubs governance structures are built to support the project’s primary goal, i.e. to reduce transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases through an increased vaccination uptake among disadvantaged, isolated, and difficult to reach population groups. 
This will require i) proactive partnerships with to improve access to vaccination in disadvantaged, isolated, and difficult to reach population groups in 6 European countries, according to best practices for community partnerships, ii) innovative immunisation actions, which will increase vaccine uptake across borders, generations and population groups and iii) sustainable solutions for vaccine protection of EU citizens, including during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

All tasks undergo external evaluation through the External Advisory Board and interval evaluation at THL. EPA will be providing oversight of ImmuHubs actions and their impact on health literacy (WP3) locally, regionally and at the Member State Level. The ImmuHubs Secretariat (Project Support Office) consists of the Project Manager, Project Management Assistant (PMA) and Team Facilitator (TF). The Secretariat, the Coordinator, the internal Evaluator and WP leaders together, form the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee with the project officer at HaDEA from the ImmuHubs Steering Committee (PSC) to implement governance. The PSC serves as the decision- making committee, thus a component to the governance structure. The PSC is the executive committee that provides operational direction.

ImmuHubs require significant buy-in at the executive level and thus the project work is organized around a work breakdown structure (WBS) that divides the overall project goals into specific activities or tasks for each project area or component. The ImmuHubs Project has uses the PM2 governance operating model with a Member Assembly as the voting chamber.


20  Key

Member Assembly

Executive Committee



WP Leaders

Project Manager


Team Facilitator




The Immuhubs structure and standard assignment of responsibilities are in full compliance with the PM2 roles of governance